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Professional floor leveling


Self leveler
Self leveler service


At Foundry we specialize in polymer modified engineered cements commonly known as SLU (Self Leveling Underlayments). Our high-performance products and crews create excellent substrates for the most demanding floor goods. Our levelers can be poured from 1.5’’ to feather edge and achieve levelness within 1/8’’ per 10’ tolerances.  We provide an optimal surface for thin glue down flooring goods and wide frame tiles.

Surface Preparation


The success of floor coverings and coatings relies on proper surface preparation. We offer shot blasting, planetary grinding, floor demo, and floor scrapping services to meet your specific flooring needs.

Surface preparation service
Moisture Mitigation
Moisture mitigation service


New age flooring goods and adhesives are much more susceptible to moisture related complications.  We utilize 100 % solids epoxy primers to mitigate the risk of moisture related flooring failures. 


Our products are fast track, allow for flexible flooring options, and provide valuable insurance with peace of mind.



Gypcrete is an ideal economy solution to help floor assemblies meet fire code, increase sound attenuation, reduce energy loss, and provide unique solutions options such as lightweight radiant heating and asbestos entombment.  We site mix and pump gypsum concrete ranging from 2500 to 4500 PSI.

Gypcrete service
Polish & Epoxy
Polish concrete and epoxy service


Polish concrete is a great way to breathe life into new and renovated buildings. Polishing concrete is an environmentally friendly finish floor that is durable, cleanable and provides unique character to indoor spaces. Polish concrete creates a beautiful, practical, & economical floor that can be accented with dye and complements a variety of other floor goods.


Seamless epoxy coatings are the wisest choice for floor surfaces with demanding needs.  Epoxy floors create a non-porous wash down grade surface that is ideal for commercial kitchens, lab spaces, and grow rooms.


Our custom-built mixer pump is suitable for a variety of building products. It is ideal for high production site mixed and pumped mortars, grouts, slurries, lightweight concretes, plasters, shotcrete, & fireproofing materials.  With variable output, from 1 to 17 cubic yards per hour, and variable pump pressures from 200 to 2,000 PSI, we are able to service large scale projects as well as small scale remote sites.


The batching system allows for exacting quantities, maximum working time for rapid setting materials, and the flexibility to mix and pump in urban or rural locations day or night.  Our pumping system increases worker safety and productivity on the jobsite.

Production pumping service
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